Ryan Elantri – Best Cities for International Business Professionals

Ryan Elantri is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University who is majoring in economics and Mandarin Chinese. He is very excited to pursue a career in international finance following graduation. As domestic economies become increasingly reliant on global economies, international business, finance, and investments have more relevance in the everyday lives of people around the globe.

Here are the biggest global hotspots for international business and finance.

Ryan Elantri

  • New York City: This is one of the world’s biggest economic centers, and young aspiring professionals everywhere dream about the Big Apple. It’s easy to see why: there are plenty of jobs available and some of the biggest companies on the planet are headquartered here.
  • London: This is the world’s second biggest center for finance jobs. The city’s prime location in Europe means that you have easy access to other big financial centers on the Continent, and it’s also only a seven-hour flight from the US.
  • Toronto: Another North American powerhouse, Toronto has a population of over 2.5 million people and is home to some of the biggest companies in Canada. Many companies and investors like working in Toronto because it has the prestige of New York and London, but without the same level of competition.
  • Shanghai: Ryan Elantri actually completed his finance internship in Shanghai, and there are are plenty of opportunities here for young financial professionals. It’s the biggest city in China, and there are many foreign investors who enjoy doing business here.

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Ryan Elantri – Hard Work is Necessary for Success

Ryan Elantri is currently a senior at The Pennsylvania State University. Ryan Elantri believes in the value of staying focused. In addition to maintaining a position on Penn State’s Dean’s List, Ryan Elantri is also a member of the Penn State Finance Society and the Penn State Investment Association, clubs that endeavor to impart financial concepts and principles to their members.

Ryan Elantri

Mr. Ryan Elantri understands that the skills and knowledge that he has gained in college will soon be tested in the real world. Like many students, he appreciates the value of hard work.

In order to achieve success, there are a few things you might consider. One of these is being an early riser. Many successful people find it better to wake up early, because it helps them organize their day. By getting up early, you can be productive and focused at a time when there’s little going on around you.

Successful people also avoid distractions. From social media to meetings and constant email alerts, there are a lot of distractions that can keep you from accomplishing your daily, monthly, and even yearly objectives.

According to Ryan Elantri, by identifying and tuning out the unimportant stuff, you can find the focus and energy needed to accomplish your goals.

Ryan Elantri – What Exactly Are Emerging Markets?

As a college senior pursuing an Economics major, Ryan Elantri often researches topics and trends that affect the modern financial world. Emerging markets have become a topic of interest for financial analysts across the world, partly because these markets lie in the middle of the spectrum between undeveloped and developed markets, and also because they serve as untapped opportunities for new investment.

Ryan Elantri

Countries whose markets can be termed as ‘emerging’ are those that have the potential to become developed in the future. Markets can also be called ‘frontier,’ specifically, if they are a developing country with a slow-growing economy. As it is, Russia, India, China, and Brazil are the largest emerging markets in the world, followed closely by the likes of Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.

Before the term emerging was adopted, less developed countries (LDC) was the term quite commonly used for markets that didn’t experience significant growth, or couldn’t compete with Western Europe, Japan, and the United States in terms of development. LDCs were viewed as having the potential for growth and profit, but often also posed more risks for various reasons. Some viewed this term as inaccurate, so ‘emerging market’ was coined.

How a market comes to be seen as emerging is often a subjective or objective issue. A host of factors must be considered in any situation, and some may not apply to all markets. The best guides on emerging markets are often market index makers or investment information sources.

Ryan Elantri is a member of the Penn State Investment Association and Penn State Finance Society.