Ryan Elantri – How to Prepare for a Study Abroad

Ryan Elantri is a rising senior majoring in economics and Mandarin Chinese at The Pennsylvania State University. Ryan Elantri recently completed a study abroad program in China, where he took a summer course at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance and interned at Boardroom Limited as an analyst in finance and accounting. Study abroad trips are a great way to network with important people in your field around the world, as well as gain exposure to a new culture. If you are embarking on a study abroad program in the near future, here’s how you can prepare.

Ryan Elantri

-Practice the language as often as possible in preparation for your trip. See if you can recruit a friend or family member to help you with this task. You should also make sure you know phrases and terms that directly relate to travel, because they can help you out in many sticky situations.

-Get any necessary immunizations or other medical precautions out of the way. The last thing you want is to get to your destination and not be able to do anything because you get sick.

-Research the monetary system of the country you will be traveling to, understand the currency exchange rates, and make sure you get your accounts in order so that you will be able to access the funds you need while you are traveling.

-Finally, be sure to get your passport and visa completely taken care of, and double check them.  Better safe than sorry!

Ryan Elantri found that his study abroad experience was incredibly beneficial to his prospective career.

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