Ryan Elantri: How To Succeed In Investment Banking

Ryan Elantri is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Economics at The Pennsylvania State University and plans to enter the finance sector upon completing his degree.

To support his efforts, he has already started building a résumé that covers everything from managing hedge funds to investment banking. Success in the latter is often hard to come by, so keep this advice in mind to get a head start.

Build Connections

Networking is an important tool in the arsenal of all financial professionals, so you should make an effort to build as many connections as you can. Speak to people who have experience in investment banking and absorb the advice they provide. Make your intentions to enter the profession clear and work on maintaining the relationships you form with the aim of creating opportunities.

Develop Stamina

Investment bankers, particularly those new to the industry, will often be expected to be flexible with their time, which usually means working very long hours. A lot of the number-crunching and analysis takes place at the early stages of a professional’s career, and proving you have the stamina to do it without complaining or burning out can be a big step in the right direction.

Pay Attention

There is some truth to the idea that others will remember you more for your mistakes than your successes. One little error can set you back tremendously in your efforts, so try to avoid mistakes wherever possible by always paying attention to details.

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