Ryan Elantri Looks Back At His Career Experiences

Ryan Elantri is currently a rising senior at The Pennsylvania State University, where Ryan Elantri is majoring in Economics and Mandarin Chinese, and minoring in Arabic, Business and Middle Eastern Studies. While these subjects will equip him with a varied skillset that should make him a valued prospect to future employers in the financial services, he has also been working hard to build connections and experience in the sector by taking on a number of jobs.

In 2015, Elantri was a selected from a pool of four hundred applicants to become part of a forty-person cohort that took part in a Wall Street Boot Camp at Penn State with the aim of preparing them for entry-level careers on Wall Street. Ryan attended a number of sessions on the subjects of investment banking, securities and wealth management, all of which were conducted by industry professionals. This gave him the opportunity to learn directly from those who work in financial services, thus allowing him to make more informed decisions about his future career.

Since the spring of 2015 Ryan also worked as a PA Analyst for the Penn State Investment Association. He worked closely with The Nittany Lion Fund, LLC, which is a $7 million, student-run hedge fund that is endorsed by Jim Cramer, who is the host of CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’. In this role, he “collaborated weekly in Financials break-out meetings to consolidate training in ratio analysis, accounting, DCFs, time value of money theory and other financial analysis and investment valuation principles and techniques.” He also tracked global financial trends and took part in simulating financial valuation and hedging techniques in the PSIA Stock Pitch Competition.

Ryan Elantri followed this up by working as a China Summer Analyst with BoardRoom Limited Shanghai in August 2015. This offered him the opportunity to demonstrate his skills in Mandarin Chinese, and he led an English training workshop that was attended by over thirty staff members. Ryan also attended a number of meetings that involved major partners of the company and had the opportunity to sharpen his knowledge of corporate and personal finance, and learn more about business law in China.

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