Ryan Elantri: Advice For Managing A Language Workshop

In August 2015, Ryan Elantri worked as a China Summer Analyst at BoardRoom Limited Shanghai, where he was assigned the task of leading an English training workshop in Mandarin Chinese and English that was attended by over thirty staff members.

Managing a language workshop presents a number of challenges, so keep the following advice in mind.

Learn About Your Students

Before you can start teaching your students you need to learn more about them. Consider their social, economic and educational backgrounds so you can get a better idea of how difficult it will be for them to pick up a new language. Doing this will also allow you to build relationships with your students, making them more likely to trust you.

Make Sessions Varied

To get a true grasp of a second language, your students will need to practice all of the fundamentals daily. Your workshop should incorporate speaking, reading, writing and listening by offering an array of tasks that covers these four fundamental areas while also offering enough variety to keep students engaged and to account for varying learning styles.

Use Your Resources

You should have a number of resources at your disposal as a language tutor, including people who have more experience, visual aids that can be used in class and even movies and music. All of these toolscan be used to help you make sessions more useful to students, so consider how you can apply what you learn and what you have at your disposal for your workshops.

Ryan Elantri is a student at The Pennsylvania State University and has led a language workshop.

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