Ryan Elantri: A Closer Look at Investment Banking

Ryan Elantri recently graduated from The Pennsylvania State University, and is now looking to build the foundation for a successful career in the financial services sector. A student of economics and member of such organizations as the Penn State Finance Society and the Penn State Investment Association, Ryan Elantri has come to understand the primary principles and function of investment banking; knowledge and insight he promises to employ throughout his career.

Ryan Elantri

Investment banking, as Ryan Elantri knows, changed somewhat drastically following the financial crisis of 2008, though most of the areas in which it has long operated and thrived as an industry continue to persist. Some of the primary areas of investment banking include:

  • Retail and Commercial Banking
  • Security Underwriting and Raising Capital
  • Equity Research and Sales and Trading
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

A promising young professional, Ryan Elantri once held leadership roles within the Penn State Economics Association. He also once served as a Summer Analyst with BoardRoom Limited (China, 2015).


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