Ryan Elantri: Qualities Needed For Working In The Financial Sector

Ryan Elantri is currently a student at The Pennsylvania State University, where he is majoring in both Economics and Mandarin Chinese with a view to entering the financial sector following graduation. He has already built an impressive résumé as a college student, which includes working as a China Summer Analyst for BoardRoom Limited Shanghai in August 2015. This means Ryan is already developing the skills that young professionals need to succeed in finance, which include the following:

Strong Communication Skills

Success in finance is often as dependent on who you know as what you know. Building a network of fellow professionals will be crucial, because this provides you with access to a wellspring of information, in addition to allowing you to cultivate future opportunities. Strong written and verbal communication skills are needed so you can build these relationships.

IT Skills

Much of modern day finance revolves around using computer programs to identify trends and make quick decisions. This means that professionals must be computer literate to the point where they can quickly pick up on the specifics of any new software they are introduced to.

Analytical Skills

Financial professionals are often called upon to analyze complex situations so they can make decisions that will benefit their employers and clients. This means being able to spot trends and patterns, often as they are developing, and having the ability to sift through large amounts of data to find the information that is relevant to their goals.

Ryan Elantri is a student at The Pennsylvania State University.

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