Ryan Elantri – Tips For Students On Managing Their Finances

Ryan Elantri is a student of Economics and Mandarin Chinese at The Pennsylvania State University, which means he is aware of the challenges that many students face when it comes to their finances and he is equipped with the necessary tools to manage his effectively. There are a number of things that students can do to manage their money properly, including the following.


Buy Only What’s Required

Some students make the mistake of seeing their student loans as free passes to buy whatever they want, rather than money that should be earmarked only for purchasing what they need. Consider what is essential to your time in college, such as accommodation, books and equipment. Use your loan to pay for those things and save as much as possible so it can be used for repayments upon completion of college.

Get A Part-Time Job

While college will place demands on your time, it will offer you enough leeway to seek out a part-time job, too. Search for a position that is flexible enough to adapt to your studying schedule so you can earn a little extra money that can go towards non-essential expenses or even be saved for after college.

Look For Discounts

As a student, Ryan Elantri is often eligible for discounts from retailers and other vendors. Do some research to find out who has a discount policy in place, and consider doing most of your shopping at these locations. Make sure you carry your student I.D. with you at all times to prove your eligibility for these discounts.