Ryan Elantri: How to Follow a Budget

Ryan Elantri, part of Pennsylvania State University’s Class of 2017, is a young professional with diverse financial experience. He was given the opportunityalong with forty other students to participate in a Wall Street Boot Camp and has worked abroad in Shanghai, China.

Ryan Elantri: How to Follow a Budget

While planning for a career in international business and finance, Ryan Elantri has had time to examine his financial status and begin building personal wealth.

If you, too, would like to build personal wealth and re-think your financial status, a budget is the perfect place to begin. Making a budget with modern tools is easy. Following one, though, can be challenging. Tips like the ones below will make it easier to stick to your numbers:

Remove Options

If you have the option to deviate from your budget, you’re more likely to overspend. Make impulse buys more difficult with tactics like leaving credit cards at home, setting spending limits on your checking accounts or paying for goods in cash.

Whatever you must do to remove your overspending options, do it. Do not, however, lock your finances so tightly that you can’t weather emergencies when they arise.

Think Big Picture

Following a budget isn’t always fun. Whether you’re in debt or simply working to save money, it helps to remember the big picture.

Are you working toward early retirement? Buying a home? Starting a business? Keep your future goals at the forefront of your mind every time you spend.

If you’re inspired by young finance students like Ryan Elantri and want to take control of your wealth, start today. Following a budget is the first step on a long and rewarding path.