Ryan Elantri – Best Cities for International Business Professionals

Ryan Elantri is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University who is majoring in economics and Mandarin Chinese. He is very excited to pursue a career in international finance following graduation. As domestic economies become increasingly reliant on global economies, international business, finance, and investments have more relevance in the everyday lives of people around the globe.

Here are the biggest global hotspots for international business and finance.

Ryan Elantri

  • New York City: This is one of the world’s biggest economic centers, and young aspiring professionals everywhere dream about the Big Apple. It’s easy to see why: there are plenty of jobs available and some of the biggest companies on the planet are headquartered here.
  • London: This is the world’s second biggest center for finance jobs. The city’s prime location in Europe means that you have easy access to other big financial centers on the Continent, and it’s also only a seven-hour flight from the US.
  • Toronto: Another North American powerhouse, Toronto has a population of over 2.5 million people and is home to some of the biggest companies in Canada. Many companies and investors like working in Toronto because it has the prestige of New York and London, but without the same level of competition.
  • Shanghai: Ryan Elantri actually completed his finance internship in Shanghai, and there are are plenty of opportunities here for young financial professionals. It’s the biggest city in China, and there are many foreign investors who enjoy doing business here.

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Ryan Elantri – Why You Should Keep Up With Current Events

Ryan Elantri is an economics and Mandarin Chinese major at The Pennsylvania State University. Following graduation in spring of 2017, Ryan Elantri is looking forward to pursuing a career in international business and finance. He has traveled to China through an internship program, and believes in the importance of keeping up with both international and domestic current events. This is becoming increasingly important as major political and economic changes happen around the world. If you haven’t been keeping up with current events, here’s why you should start.

Ryan Elantri

Ryan Elantri

– Being informed about current events will help you speak knowledgeably with those around you. This is especially important for young people, who may be looking to impress professors or potential employers. If you have ever felt left out during conversations among your friends and coworkers about things that are going on in the world, then staying informed about current events will help keep you in the loop.

– It can help you make better decisions politically and financially. When you know things like what is going on with the global economy and what political candidates and world leaders are saying, you will be able to make better decisions, as well as understand their impact on the greater global community,

– Current events are genuinely interesting. There are many online platforms, apps, and blogs that present the news in ways that are very accessible and easy to read, so you have no excuse for not keeping up with what’s going on.

Ryan Elantri always makes an effort to stay informed about current events.

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