Ryan Elantri – Why You Should Consider Learning Arabic

Students get the opportunity to choose their college courses every fall and spring. Very few choose Arabic 101. Ryan Elantri is among a number of students who have chosen to learn this very difficult language.

Ryan Elantri

So why should you learn Arabic?

It sets you apart from other college students

Given that only a small number of college students choose to learn Arabic, having this skill immediately sets you apart from the rest of the field, regardless of the profession. The Middle East is now of critical importance—geopolitically, economically and culturally.  Nonprofit and private organizations are seeking to establish themselves in Arabic-speaking countries, too, thus providing opportunities to young people who possess this valuable skill.

Arabic is applicable in many countries

Learning French or Spanish enables you to work in a great number of countries in the world, but they are also common second or third languages among many professionals. Arabic is applicable in over 20 nations.

Ryan Elantri studies Arabic at The Pennsylvania State University