Ryan Elantri – Are You Thinking of Working in the Financial Services industry?

Individuals who work in the financial services must be highly motivated and ready to take on challenging assignments. If you think you want a career with a financial services company, the following guidelines should help you navigate early entry:

Ryan Elantri

  • A background in finance, economics or business is usually a plus when getting into the field; however, it’s not a requirement set in stone. In general employers actively seek out well-rounded candidates because they have the requisite skill sets as well as unique talents and abilities. What many employers look for is an individual with strong critical thinking and communication skills, someone who is a quick learner, and who can work well under pressure.
  • If you can work on your finance skills while you are still in college, all the better. Finance is a competitive field; any advantage you have over other candidates might be what gets you through the door. Attend as many industry events and training sessions as you can. Networking effectively is a key to your success.
  • Get acclimated to your firm’s culture through internships and training opportunities. They are chances to interact with experienced professionals while also learning what the job entails.

Ryan Elantri is an active member of the Penn State Investment Association and the Penn State Finance Society. Ryan Elantri is currently studying Economics and Mandarin Chinese (majors) and Arabic, Business, and Middle Eastern Studies (minors) at The Pennsylvania State University.

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